It's all about the cap! The Mason Jar was first created in 1858 by John Landis Mason ~ threaded cap first ~ then the transparent glass jar. See some of the types of lids we offer here. Our Mason Jar lids fit most canning jars, are relatively inexpensive and allow you to put your own jar to good use. Make dispensers, coin banks, solar lights and more.

Mason Jars are primarily used for home canning but there are endless other uses for them. Using Mason Jars as hanging lights, chandeliers or lamps has become a beautiful way to create that rustic, country or primitive look. With the almost endless types of lids and adapters you can create gorgeous décor pieces through out your home. They make wonderful candle and potpourri jars and  can be used as vases and vine starters with flower frog lids. Vintage Jars are now highly sought after collectibles. They have been a staple for over 100 years!.