Armadilla Wax Works Floating Sunflower Candles

  • 3 Inch Sunflower Floating Candle
  • 5 Inch Floating Sunflower Candle

Armadilla Wax Works Floating Sunflower Candles. These unique floating sunflowers are a unique addition to any country décor. Float them in your pool, outdoor pond or dish garden. Add them to a glass bowl or cylinder and accent the container with glass beads or river rock for a unique flare. Original Sunflower Candle design is so beautiful, hand crafted by Armadilla Wax Works. Charming for weddings or any special occasion.  These are great for adding a touch of candlelight to your garden party! Burn time 7 to 14 hours depending on size of candle. Available in 3 Inch for $5.99 or 5 Inch for $12.99 Sizes.