Warm Glow Summer Sands Scented Candle Refresher


Warm Glow Summer Sands Scented Candle Refresher. Pair with the "Forever" Electric Summer Sands Candle.

This fragrant Warm Glow product is one of our hidden gems! This versatile product can be used to rejuvenate candles, potpourri, and rose hips. Just spray on. When refreshing electric candles avoid spraying directly on silicone blubs. It can also be poured in a glass votive cup to use in a burner to release a soft but compelling fragrance. Do not spray into wax warmer cups directly without adding wax or water.  Avoid spraying directly on metal tart burners as some finishes may come off depending on the type of warmer you have.

Comes in single 2 oz. bottle with a spray top and cap.